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Growing up in small town Rocky Mount, North Carolina, creating was something I always loved to do. As a child, I made things from anything I could find and was eventually taught to sew by my grandmother. Once I began sewing, my imagination ran wild and from there my love for fashion began. As an elementary schooler, I began sewing pillows, mini quilts, and embroidering. Once I was in middle school, my grandmother helped me sew my first dress using a pattern. When I finished my first dress I was amazed at what I could accomplish using just myself, some fabric, and a sewing machine. I began sketching fashion figures, ordering fashion magazines and keeping up with the latest runway shows. Today, I am proud to say that I have almost completed my undergraduate career at NC State, studying Fashion and Textile Design and minoring in Nonprofit Studies. Throughout my college career, I have made three 5+ look collections and am currently working on my final senior collection, REWILD.